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Coffee grinders can make a huge difference to how your coffee tastes. No matter how you brew your coffee - cafetieres (French press), percolator or espresso machine - by using freshly ground coffee, straight from a coffee grinder, the taste and aroma of your cup of coffee will be enhanced enormously. You'll be wondering why you didn't buy a coffee grinder before! Here at Coffee Grinders we have searched for all the best coffee grinders from the major UK retailers, so this site is all you'll need to find the right coffee grinder for you, quickly and easily.

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How to choose the right coffee grinder

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right coffee grinder for you:

Coffee Grinder Sizes

Firstly, consider the correct size of coffee grinder that you may need - see our Small, Medium and Large coffee grinders pages. There's no use grinding way to much or too little coffee - it needs to be as freshly ground as possible to get maximum flavour (grinding lots then storing it defeats the object).

Coffee Grinder brands

You may also have a particular brand in mind, such as Krups, Dualit, KitchenAid, Bodum or Ascaso. We have selected all the main brands of coffee grinders so we know we can rely on their products.

Coffee Grinder Types - Burr grinders, blade grinders or manual grinders

Next, you may want to choose between a manual or electric coffee grinder. Manual grinders (or hand coffee grinder), look fantastic, and it can certainly give you a great sense of satisfaction, knowing that you are drinking a cup of coffee made from beans that you ground by hand yourself. But manual grinding can take a while, and some effort, which might not always be the best start to a morning - especially before your cup of coffee!

In which case you will probably prefer an electric grinder. There are 2 types of electric coffee grinder you can buy - either a burr or blade grinder. Coffee experts agree that a burr coffee grinder, especially a machine with "conical burrs" will give a better, more even grind, compared to the other type of electric grinder, the blade grinder. A burr grinder presses, or crushes, the beans under its burrs, which means that all the beans are ground finely and evenly. A burr grinder is going to be a bit more expensive than a blade grinder, but still needn't cost the earth. Both Dualit and Krups offer some excellent value for money burr grinders, from around 40 to 80.

A blade grinder, as the name suggests, uses blades to chop the beans. These little coffee grinders can be very effective, and a good one can be found for around 20 or less! For example, see the Krups Twin Blade coffee mill. This model has been around for a while and is used by many coffee lovers worldwide. Plus you can use it to grind spices and herbs.

Why buy a coffee grinder?

Britain is now a nation of coffee lovers. In fact more than that, we are becoming a nation of coffee connoisseurs. Huge sales of coffee machines and espresso makers means that more and more of us are enjoying the delights of delicious fresh coffee at home.

But what many coffee drinkers are realising is that by using freshly ground coffee they can make a real difference to the taste. By taking the best roast coffee beans and grinding them to the required fineness, you are opening up a whole new world of coffee tasting - enhancing the aroma, taste and the whole coffee drinking experience! Click here more info on coffee grinding and preparation

Better coffee, cheaper!

Using a coffee grinder also means that you can use fine quality roast coffee beans for your cup of coffee. There's such a lot of choice out there, and it can be a wonderful experience finding the right beans for you. Plus using beans to make your coffee, you feel a little closer to the whole coffee making experience. And better still, when you buy roasted coffee beans you'll find that it's cheaper than when you buy packet fresh ground coffee. So you can save money! Or spend the bit you've saved on even better quality beans, like we did! So with a coffee grinder you could well be enjoying the finest of coffee tastes, at a cheaper price, and certainly at a fraction of the price you would pay for an cup of coffee in the various high street coffee shops. So what could be better than that - improve the taste, lower the price!.

Here at Coffee Grinders we have put together all the information you need for finding the right coffee grinder for you, and at the right price!

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